Rio Akanezaki

Rio Akanezaki of the Character of the Omega Labyrinth Z.


Another hero of "Omega Labyrinth Z". I hate rules such as school regulations, I consider teachers as a cumbersome existence. It appears that you are wearing a blue uniform that is different from other students. I have a complex on my big breast. It was a dream to use the Holy Grail of beauty to make any wish come true, but my dream was to reduce my chest, but Aina has destroyed the Holy Grail and hopefully holds against Aina because hope has stopped. I head for one man sanctuary in search of ways to revive the Holy Grail.

Persona Data

  • Height: 164cm (5'5)
  • 3 Sizes: 98cm(38in)/62cm(24in)/88cm(34in)
  • Cup Size: G-Cup (DDD-Cup)
  • Birthday: 12/31


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