Aina Akemiya

Aina Akemiya of the Character of the Omega Labyrinth.


Omega Labyrinth

The main character of "Omega Labyrinth" who is active and positive for everything. In order to enlarge the small "tits" of the complex, challenge the dungeon seeking "the Holy Grail of beauty" that will grant anything wish. Although it is not an honor student, it is easy to become a center because of its popularity. However, rather than being a person who jumps into the center from himself, he / she can not refuse to accept as long as asked. Hip is attractive as boobs are not big! (Primary Consultation)

Omega Labyrinth Z

The hero of the small "Omega Labyrinth Z" small breasts is a complex. I can not help rescuing people who are in trouble. Everyone has become a popular person because of the strength of responsibility and the bright character. In the former adventure, because it destroyed "beauty's holy grail" that any wish will come true, it is enemies from Rio Akanezaki. I am good at exercise, but I am not good at studying. From classmates it is called Queen Red dot ... ....